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LP Siding Installation and REPAIR

lp siding installation

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and durability of your home, MG Exterior Contracting stands as the premier provider of LP siding installation and repair services, catering benefits to residential properties across Vancouver, Oregon City, and Tigard.

Skillful LP SIDING Installation and Repair Services

Our team constitutes expert Hardie siding contractors and cedar siding repair contractors who carry out every project with precision.

For flawless installation of Hardie siding, rely on our certified installers, who are experts working with premium Hardie siding materials. We carefully align and securely fasten each panel, ensuring your home looks great and stays that way for a long time.

For those who prefer the classical look of wood, our cedar siding contractors are adept at both installation and cedar siding repair. We understand the nuances of working with this timeless material, ensuring your home exudes warmth and elegance.

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Tailored Solutions at Competitive Costs

Embarking on a home LP siding installation project can be daunting when considering the average cost of home siding. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, competitive pricing without compromising on the integrity of our workmanship. 

With MG Exterior Contracting, homeowners receive personalized solutions aligned with their budget, featuring an upfront breakdown of the home lp siding installation cost, ensuring clarity and peace of mind throughout the process.

Excellence in Siding Repair Service

Our siding contractors extend their expertise beyond the point of LP siding installation. We recognize that maintenance is pivotal to the longevity of your siding. Be it Hardie, cedar, or LP siding, each material demands a unique approach to repair and care. 

When you seek residential cedar siding repair or Hardie siding repair services, rest assured that our cedar siding repair contractors possess the hands-on experience and finesse to address any issue.

Our LP siding installation services are not solely confined to upkeep and aesthetics; we also underscore the role of siding in insulation and protection against external elements. With meticulous attention to detail, our hardie siding installers ensure that every plank, panel, or shingle contributes to a seamless barrier, defending your abode from inclement weather while boosting energy efficiency.

Trust and Reliability: Building Lasting Relationships

In addition to quality materials and expert installation, MG Exterior Contracting  is dedicated to forging lasting relationships with every homeowner we serve. We are a siding company that believes trust is the foundation upon which all successful projects are built.

By choosing our siding installation and repair services or any residential siding installation, you welcome a partnership that stands upon mutual respect, exceptional service, and a result that leaves you elated.

Our best residential siding repair and house cedar siding installations are carried out with the utmost respect for your property and personal space. As a testament to our commitment to you, our siding services are efficient, clean, and minimally intrusive, culminating in a swift yet thorough turnaround that minimizes disruption to your daily life.

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Advanced LP Siding Installation

We specialize in LP Smart Siding installation, a preferred option among homeowners who seek the pinnacle of modern siding technology. Esteemed for its remarkable strength and visual appeal, LP Smart Siding is engineered to resist the harshest of elements, offering a shield for your place that is as tough as it is beautiful.

LP siding’s innovation lies in its advanced composite materials that combine the textured warmth of traditional wood with the resilience of engineered wood. The installation process of LP siding is streamlined and precise, ensuring that every panel fits flawlessly for a superb finish.

By integrating LP siding into our suite of services, MG Exterior Contracting demonstrates our ongoing dedication to delivering only the finest to our customers. Whether you are renovating an existing structure or bringing to life a new residence, LP Smart Siding, provided by MG Exterior Contracting in Tigard, OR, guarantees a harmonious balance of sophistication, strength, and satisfaction that will last for years.

Pride in Expertise

MG Exterior Contracting values its roots in the Pacific Northwest and takes pride in serving the unique communities within Vancouver, WA, Oregon City, OR, and Tigard, OR. We extend our hearty invitation to homeowners seeking peace of mind, quality siding solutions, and a local touch in their next residential project.

Whether it’s the meticulous installation of LP smart siding, the seamless repair of a cedar sanctuary, or the precise application of a siding masterpiece, entrusting your project to MG Exterior Contracting is more than a service—it’s a homeowner’s wise investment in longevity, aesthetics, and the value of their property.

Let MG Exterior Contracting Protect and Beautify Your Home

Discover the difference that professional siding services can make for your home and investment. You don’t have to navigate the complexities of siding installation or repair alone—MG Exterior Contracting is here to provide the expertise, craftsmanship, and customer service you deserve.

Reach out to us today and call us at (503) 735-5979, and let’s begin the journey toward enhancing the beauty and durability of your home with our distinguished siding solutions.

What Clients Say About Us

Charlie Slate
Charlie Slate
Very professional. Meticulous work, on time and on budget. We're very pleased with the results and would highly recommend this company.
Neil Douglas
Neil Douglas
We recently hired MG Exterior Contracting LLC to build a deck for us and we couldn't be more satisfied with their workmanship! Their team was friendly, efficient, and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the end result. Highly recommend them for your next outdoor project!
Lucas Henry
Lucas Henry
We had an excellent experience working with MG Exterior Contracting LLC on our recent patio cover project. They provided us with detailed information about the materials used, gave us options that fit within our budget, and completed the job in a timely manner. Highly recommend!
Cadman Spall
Cadman Spall
We recently had MG Exterior Contracting LLC build a fence around our yard and it looks fantastic! The work was done quickly, efficiently, and with great attention to detail. We are so pleased with the outcome and would definitely recommend them for any outdoor project you may have!
David Jones
David Jones
MG Exterior Contracting LLC did an amazing job on our new deck and fence. They were very professional and quick to respond. They explained everything upfront and there were no hidden surprises. The finished product looks great and they delivered everything they promised. Highly recommend!
Mike Stanojev
Mike Stanojev
MG/Oregon Deck & Fence are incredible -- true craftsmen and professionals through and through! I finally found a contractor that has the attention to detail that I expect and has great communication and is punctual! Hired MG/Oregon Deck & Fence for Trex retread, Trex Rainscape install, and under deck ceiling install for dry 4-season patio usage. My great experience started with the first call - owner Mike Gray responded within minutes of my first message, he came out next business day to evaluate the site in-person and to develop his estimate. Mike's attentiveness and communication level remained at this level throughout the entire project. I got texts/calls/in-person updates daily informing me of the day's progress, decision points and what time the crew would be arriving next day, each day. Mike's crew breaks all the cliches of too many contractors in the industry -- the cliches of showing up late, working partial days, disappearing mid-day, not knowing if/when they're coming.... with MG, I knew I could count on the crew to be punctual, respectful of my property and put in a full day each day on the project. His crew is allocated to a project start to finish full-time -- this was huge to me. It kept the project moving fast and it kept communication tight and efficient. And even more important, their craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Being somewhat capable myself, I have a high degree of precision I expect and Mike's crew took it to the highest level -- they are fixated precision both structurally and cosmetically. Everyting from joists to deck boards to the trim they laid down was installed with exacting standards: level, plumb, exact even spacing, etc. And whenever they reached a point where design choices came up, they were consultative with me giving me the options and pros/cons of them. I have truly been impressed by Mike and team. I highly recommend MG/Oregon Deck & Fence! In fact, I'm already in discussion with them about several other projects: an additional custom deck, concrete driveway replacement and retaining wall
Graham Trevor
Graham Trevor
My house is near countryside so had to get deer fence urgently as they were destroying my backyard. My friend recommended MG exteriors to me. They are life savers. They did exactly what i needed. Strongly recommended to Vancouver people.
David Gershwin
David Gershwin
Mike, Ryan and their crew are a great team to work with. Honest, straightforward, and hard working. They gave us a beautiful deck for the price they quoted in the timeframe they promised it. We are very pleased and will do business with them again. David
Donald Mark
Donald Mark
MG Exterior Contracting LLC did a great job. They completed the work in a timely manner as promised. I would highly recommend them.
Ronald Mark
Ronald Mark
MG Exterior Contracting LLC did an amazing job. They displayed professionalism and great customer service throughout the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions

MG Exterior Contracting specializes in the use of Hardie, cedar, and LP siding materials for repair and installation services. These materials are chosen for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ability to withstand the unique climate of the Pacific Northwest. We do not offer services involving other siding materials, ensuring that our expertise is focused on delivering the highest quality work with these specific products.

The cost of home siding installation varies depending on several factors, including the type of material selected, the size of your home, and the complexity of the project. At MG Exterior Contracting, we understand the importance of budgeting, and we provide detailed estimates to give homeowners a clear understanding of the home siding installation cost upfront. We strive to offer competitive pricing while ensuring the work is carried out with the utmost professionalism and quality.

Our team is equipped to manage both new siding installations and repairs of existing siding with equal expertise. Whether you require a fresh installation of LP smart siding, Hardie siding, or cedar siding, or need repairs due to wear and tear or damage, MG Exterior Contracting has the skilled contractors needed to perform the job efficiently and effectively.

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